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Cressida Seaside Apartments - Small is Beautiful

24-04-2018 17:13

Cressida seaside apartments enjoy a superb location directly on the sandy beach of St. George's bay, and only 300 meters from the center of the small town Acharavi with many shops, bars, restaurants, etc .

Our vision is to upgrade the quality of the seaside apartments of our area and to provide our guests with apartments of a high standard, providing aesthetics and ambiance. Our motto is small is beautiful.

Αυτά τα όμορφα διαμερίσματα ευχάριστη, είναι φρέσκα και νέα με απλό σχεδιασμό και όλες τις απαραίτητες ανέσεις για μια ευχάριστη διαμονή.

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