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Recreation and Activities


The unique coastal landscape of northern Corfu and the gently sloping 6 km long sand beach is ideal for long walks. It is Corfu’s most beautiful beach with wonderful sunrises and sunsets. Walking to the east you will pass Gelina Village with the only remaining sand dunes in the area and lovely sea lilies. Walking to the east you will reach Nissos the "island" that you can reach on a small bridge. Walking to the west you will reach Roda another spot bars and restaurants.

Mountain biking

During the past decade cycling and in particular mountain biking has seen a remarkable increase in popularity both among locals and tourists and is now possible to hire very decent bikes and choose to make your own routes or join one of the many organised trips.
The best time of the year is late spring and early summer with very mild temperatures and no rain to speak about, summer is also good if you avoid the peak of the day.
Even if you are just a moderately fit cyclist, cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways to discover the delights of Corfu. The island has a good road system which means that nearly all of the most beautiful parts of the island are within easy reach for a day’s ride. Away from the main roads there are quiet lanes through beautiful green countryside, olive groves and traditional Corfiote villages.
Using Cressida Seaside Appartments as your holiday base, the whole of the north and most beautiful part of Corfu is on your doorstep.


Northern Corfu is a wonderful destination for hiking. The rolling hills and mountains combined with the glimmering sea create an unmatched sense of peace and serenity. The North Corfu walking region extends over the entire Pantokrator Massif (apart from the narrow North East Coast strip between Barbati and Kassiopi), and incorporates the wide coastal plain of Acharavi as well as the wetlands around Lake Antinioti. Its western boundary is the Roda - Troumpetta road through Agii Douki and Xanthates.

Windsurfing and sailing

There are steady northwesterly winds for a couple of hours in the afternoon which makes the beach ideal for windsurfing. In 300 meters from the apartments there are available windsurfing and sailing facilities, where classes are also provided.


For the young guests there is a lovely waterpark with slides in the Gelina Village hotel nearby. It is accessible to our guests, just 500 meters from the main road.


Rising to nearly 911 metres straight from the sea, the Pantokrator Massif dominates Corfu's skyline. Viewed from the south, the 'twin peaks' ('korifoi' in Greek) of Mount Pantokrator and Mihalakades to its south west (852 metres), gave Corfu its westernized name. The south face of the Massif is a sheer wall of rock, with a few breaks where paths climb like staircases. To the north east, the land tumbles to the sea in a riot of gullies, whose upper reaches are linked by high tracks. Northwards, the bare limestone hills are largely free of settlement, and you can walk for miles and not see a soul. Then the land drops through deep-scored valleys and gently sloping olive groves to the lush fields and marshes of the coastal plain. To the north west, the dip slope is milder; its descent is broken by a delightful plateau where rest several untouched villages, their springs bubbling year-round with fresh water.

It was a pleasure to stay at Cressida Seaside Appartment in Acharavi. We enjoyed bathing, sitting at the terrace, walking along the beach. Everything we need was there.

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