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  • Acharavi

Acharavi is a small town of about 2,000 people and has developed in the last 30 years as one of the centres of northern Corfu. Until the 1980s most of the population in the area lived in the traditional old villages on Mount Pantokrator. Acharavi, due to its touristic development near the sea, has grown into a vibrant little town with large, medium and small hotels and apartments. It is quite spread out with small windy streets that lead from the central road to the sea. All its commercial activity is concentrated around the main road, where you can do long walks in the large and spacious pavements on either side of the road, paved with the characteristic stones from Mount Pantokrator from the village of Sinies. Acharavi has all you need: supermarkets, bakery, fruit-,meat-, fish shops, all kinds of shops, pharmacies, cafes, tavernas, bars, doctors, bank, rent cars, rent bicycles etc. Only a small part of its long sea-front has a narrow road with cafes and tavernas/restaurants. Otherwise you can walk easily on its endless, wide sand/gravel beach, use any part you like to swim or just sit and enjoy the sun. Acharavi is not only a summer town as Roda or Sidari, it retains a busy life throughout the year with a high school, language schools, music school, gyms, etc. and most of its shops open throughout the year.

  • Northern Corfu

Northern Corfu remains still to be discovered for those who do not want to spend all day on the beach. The area is full with picturesque vibrant or abandoned Venetian villages with a particular medieval architecture, Byzantine churches and Castles and ancient Greek and Roman ruins.

· The Villages on the mountain Pantokrator retain their old abandoned atmosphere but most of them are fully inhabited and vibrant. You need a car to reach them but everything is within 10 minutes to half an hour away. Old Peritheia from the Venetian era, was the old centre of the northeast and used to be full of people before the 1970s, when touristic development made the inhabitants move nearer the sea, to New Peritheia. Old Peritheia is abandoned, and it definitely worth a visit, with old large stone mansions and more than ten churches; all in a Venetian Corfiot style. It gives you a wonderful feeling and it has lovely taverns.

In complete contrast to the abandoned Old Peritheia, Nymphes is a vivid village with 1,500 inhabitants, the administrative centre of the Venetian era in the area. Visit the forgotten small monastery in the middle of the olive groves dated from the 13th century. The name "Nymphes" comes from the Nymphs; situated in a small valley with running streams, it has been inhabited since the ancient times. Its main church has been built with marble stones from the Apollo Temple on the same place, as the careful tourist will notice. Episkepsi is a lovely old village with its old distinct houses. Take the road from Agios Martinos (that used to be a "neighbourhood" of the village Lafki and go up to Strinilas and then to the top of the mountain Pantokrator where used to be a Monastery. The old church is covered by new church constructions but the view on a clear day is unsurpassable; you can see the whole of Corfu. Going west you will meet the old village Karousades with other lovely villages around with houses in the old traditional architecture, like Kavalouri or Agrafoi. If you do not want to visit the packed and overtouristic Sidari and the famous "Canal d'Amour" have a drink in the Sunset bar in the village Peroulades situated on a breathtaking site. Apart from the sunset, walk in Peroulades, it is worth a visit.

If you feel adventurous enough go to Agios Stefanos to take the little ferry that goes to the tiny islands of Erichousa, Mathraki and Othonoi, the northest part of Greece, on the entrance to the Adriatic. In all islands there are place to stay and nice taverns. There is a unique feelign to stay overnight on these tiny islands which you can walk around. Continuing to the West you can visit the lovely village of Afionas with two marvellous taverns overlooking the bay of Agios Georgios ton Pagon (the Bay of St George of Ice).

· Churches. In all villages there are old Byzantine churches and orthodox churches from the Venetian times everywhere. Many of them have precious murals and the priests and local administrators keep them locked. If you find one open, enter and respect it.

· Greek and Roman ruins. There are ruins from the ancient and Roman times everywhere. In Acharavi, in the entrance on your left there are the baths of a Roman villa, and hidden, surrounded by houses is the Temple of Hera, the wife of Zeus and protector of the family, in Roda. In the Almyros area, adjacent to Acharavi there was a large cemetery and most probably a town, as the many findings in the Archaelogical Museum of the town of Corfu indicate.

· Castles. The main standing castle of northern Corfu is that of Kassiopi, a small town on the northeast of Corfu town, 15' by car from Acharavi. Kassiopi is very touristic but fun to visit its small harbour.

· Trecking and cycling is marvellous on Mount Pantokrator covered with olive groves.

  • About Corfu

- The "Corfiot Kensigton". Driving to the East of Acharvavi, from Kassiopi to Corfu town is one of the most picturesque coastline of Corfu. The narrow road on the slope of Mount Pantokrator has gives a phantastic amphitheatric view. The best beach there is the one of Kerasia near the Rothchild estate. The many (and hidden!) villas in the area have given it a nickname: the "Corfiot Kensington.

- Driving to the West of Acharavi towards Corfu town, from the top of Mount Pantokrator called Troumpeta, you can take a narrow winding but breathtaking road to Paleokastritsa. Do not forget to visit the Byzantine castle Angelokastro before reaching the (extremely popular and busy) Paleokastritsa.

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