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Food and Drinks

In Acharavi

  • Maistro- next to Cressida Seaside Apartments is one of the best restaurants in Acharavi
  • Lemon Garden- situated in a lovely lemon grove in the main road provides great food and drink
  • Acharavi Park - Family restaurant, nice environment, always good Greek cuisine, 26630-64417
  • Navigator- classic Europeanized Greek food, retains a good quality, situated on the beach, 26630-64796
  • Afros- tiny and lovely, gives nice Greek meze, on the beach. 26630-63501

In Roda

  • Drosia - simple but tasty and worth its money. On the main road of Roda. You do not have to book.

In Peritheia

  • The taverna of Alkinoos in the old square of Peritheia. Taste pastitsado, sofrito, stifado and great pies. 26630-31488
  • Traditional Tavern Ognistra (Ωγνίστρα) in the entrance of the village, 26630-98050

In Agios Andreas

  • A family tavern with good fish and excellent sea mview, 26630-31488

In Astrakeri

  • Gregory's- A family tavern with good fish and a lovely view to the bay of Astrakeri, 26630-31593

In Almyros

  • Giorgos- Family tavern next to the beach in Almyros, 26630-63753

In Agni

  • Toula's - This is a top class (and pricy) restaurant by "chef" Toula, on the beach in the wonderful tiny bay of Agni, 26630-91350

In Kassiopi

  • Senes - Before you enter Kassiopi coming from Acharavi to your left on the Imerolia beach. Great fish and view, 26630-81319
  • Little Italy- An long-lived Italian restaurant run by Antonio who is also a wonderful singer.

In Avlaki

  • Cavo Barbaro, taverna/restaurant nearthe beach, 26630-81905

Cafe - Bars

  • The most known bar cafe of the North of Corfu is Veggera on the beach about five minutes walk from Cressida. Its owner Nikos Aspiotis, an excellent DJ, makes sure to provide you with an excellent music (which permits you to enjoy and to speak). Veggera has been there for over 25 years in a beautifully arranged space with wood and green on the beach and facilities to sit outside and inside. Open all year round from morning to after midnight.
  • Fuego is also a bar on the beach, a bit too young, too loud but also enjoyable.
  • Freddo is the best cafe and most popular cafe-bar on the main road of Acharavi.
  • Ilo-Ilo is another popular cafe for the locals based on the main road.

Corfiot kitchen: Famous is the pastitsado (cock in red sauce with pasta); sofrito (slices of beef in garlic white sauce); stifado (rabit with small onions in red sauce); bourdetto (fish in red peper sauce)

We loved staying at Dimitri's place, right on the beach with a beautiful view. The place is very modern and clean, exactly like the pictures.

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